Miley Cyrus is finally here! After some promises and months without any news, the singer finally released her new single “Midnight Sky” last Friday (14).

All smilers are freaking out with music that is incredible and powerful, just like Miley. And despite the quarantine, the singer is taking some actions to promote the new single.

One of them was the videoconference that took place two days before the release of “Midnght Sky” with american content creators and tik tokers. In addition to the opportunity to chat with Miley, they also heard the single before everyone else.

Among those chosen were Marissa Ren and Jera Foster who spoke about the videoconference exclusively for MCBR.

How was the invitation to join the video call with Miley?

Marissa: I was mindblown when I received the invitation to join the video call with Miley. She’s been someone I’ve looked up to since childhood, so I was in complete shock when I was given the opportunity to personally connect with her for TikTok.

Jera: I was invited directly by TikTok! They emailed me and asked if I wanted to join a small virtual creator meet-up with Miley where she would play us her new song, Midnight Sky, and tell us all about her inspiration for it.

How long did the conversation last and what did Miley say?

Marissa: The conversation lasted around 30 minutes. Miley talked about her inspirations for writing Midnight Sky and how her music video was self-directed. She also discussed her love for TikTok because of the creative freedom the app provides.

Jera: From start to finish, about 15-20 minutes. Miley talked about the inspiration of the song, as well as talked about how excited she was for the release of it. She played the song for us, and afterwards she talked about how she could see all of our wheels spinning as we watched and listened to it since all of the creators on the call would be eventually creating our on TikTok videos using the Midnight Sky track.

What did you think of Midnight Sky?

Marissa: I absolutely loved it.

Jera: I LOVE IT! As soon as I heard the first few seconds, I started bopping my head, and then as the chorus hit, I was like YAS! This is so good! I instantly wanted to get up and dance, despite not being a very good dancer- haha!

How would you describe the song?

Marissa: The song itself is very catchy and upbeat. The lyrics are incredibly empowering, expressing the power individuality holds. It talks about finding yourself and not letting others control your life. I absolutely love this message and felt very inspired and empowered after the first listen.

Jera: Edgy and empowering!

How would you describe Miley?

Marissa: Inspirational, wise, well-spoken, and incredibly kind.

Jera: She is awesome! She is energetic, engaging, and clearly so passionate about her music.

Translation: Welison Fontenele – Team MCBR

You can check the interview in portuguese clicking here.

Publicada por: Larissa Vilarinho

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